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28 February 2005. One of the Eyeball series.

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Few high-resolution satellite images of US nuclear power plants are available. Exceptions are this one at Salem-Hope Creek, Dresden, IL, Braidwood, IL, and Oyster Creek, NJ, and McGuire, NC, available from USGS satellite photo coverage.

A distinctive feature of Salem-Hope Creek are the two exposed steam turbines (lavender-colored) at the right of containment vessels shown in the bottom photo. Such turbines are customarily enclosed.

FEMA's formerly public emergency information for this plant now withdrawn (now dead link)

Artificial Island (Salem-Hope Creek) Nuclear Power Plant



Plume (10-mile) Emergency Planning Zone Jurisdictions (now dead link)

Ingestion (50-mile) Emergency Planning Zone Jurisdictions

Qualifying Exercise

Chronology of Past Exercises

Status of 350 Plan Approval (now dead link)

Status of Alert and Notification System

Exercise Schedule: New Jersey / Delaware (now dead links)

Additional Plant Information [NRC's Nuclear Plant Information Books] (new, active link)

Updated: June 18, 2001

Salem-Hope Creek Nuclear Power Plant

Salem-Hope Creek (Artificial Island) Nuclear Power Plant 1989
Lower Alloways Creek Township, New Jersey
USGS photo 17 Apr 1989

Salem-Hope Creek (Artificial Island) Nuclear Power Plant 2002
USGS photo
(Made available on April 5, 2004; reduced to match photo above)

Salem-Hope Creek (Artificial Island) Nuclear Power Plant 2002
USGS photo
(Full size, made available on April 5, 2004)