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18 June 2005. One of the Eyeball series.

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Google satellite photo:,md&ll=39.000413,-77.057590&spn=0.007575,0.007167&t=k&hl=en

A. writes:

The “Silver Spring Teleport”  off Seminary Road in an industrial park in Silver Spring, MD [Recently purchased by PanamSat G2 from is a “commercial” teleport with no commercial customers that is essentially the dedicated sat link for the State Dept’s BIMC (Beltsville Info Management Center)....and the renamed “Warrenton Training Center” which was previously the installation known as “Vint Hill Farm”.  Fiber telco circuits connect it to both “customers”.  It’s just a very fortunate spot for looking at some really low angle birds over the Atlantic that other DC teleports have an impossible time seeing.  There is some other traffic running through there as well that I can’t discuss.

Our Exclusive Government Gateway

Silver Spring Gateway

Our teleport in Silver Spring, Maryland, is our transmission gateway throughout North America and across the Atlantic.

Features of the Silver Spring teleport include:

• Eight earth stations that relay C-band and Ku-band transmissions over seven different satellites.

• Two steerable antennas that can access a variety of spacecraft.

• Easy access from our point-of-presence in downtown Washington.

• Multiple T1 connections to the Pentagon and U.S. State Department facilities.

• Redundant fiber links to the public switched telephony network and Internet backbone.

• Fiber backbone connections to New York and on to London, Fuchsstadt (Germany) and Hong Kong.

• Redundant OC12 fiber paths for local loop connectivity.

• Active DC3/OC3 fiber paths from Verizon, France Telecom, RCN and Verio.

• An Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) switch exclusively for U.S. military use.

• A single channel per carrier (SCPC) transmissions platform for customers with dedicated bandwidth requirements.

• Redundant DACS, 7500 and 7200 Cisco routers.

G2 can also provide custom tailored satellite solutions. G2 reduces customer costs by developing cost-effective solutions of its product and service offerings.

The G2 goal is to provide the best price with the right technical solution. The G2 team can provide continued quality support to meet your communication needs.

Government Satellite Services – Our Exclusive Government Gateway

Located inside our Silver Spring Teleport is an exclusive set of equipment, capabilities and personnel dedicated to providing the best possible satellite communication services to the U.S.government, including direct fiber connections to the Pentagon, the U.S. State Department, the public switched telephony network and the Internet backbone.

Government gateway features include:

  • Fiber connectivity to PASport network and Defense Information Systems Network (DISN)
  • iDirect based managed network services throughout CONUS, Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Equipment, integration, staging and deployment
  • Multi-homed IP access

As the focal point for Government customers, the G2 Satellite Solutions (G2) team is prepared to provide everything from a single item of equipment to complete communication solutions.

Government customers have the option of choosing from a variety of offerings including mobile and fixed satellite telephony, direct broadcast of video, data or multimedia, fixed satellite services, unique customer requirements, connectivity and bandwidth, very small aperture terminals (VSAT) and networks, hub/teleport services, satellite recovery and reuse, and much more.

G2 provides the Military and Federal Government agencies with a full range of commercial off-the-shelf equipment for purchase or lease.One way this is accomplished is by using our GSA IDIQ contract GS00T00NSD0006.

The pricing tables in the contract contain a Contract Line Item Number (CLIN), a nomenclature or part number, a general description of the item, the unit price, the unit of measure (i.e., per quantity of, per minute, per MHz, etc.), and a reference for reviewing further details on the item.

Photo shows G2 Satellite Solutions Teleport in Silver Spring, Maryland

Government and Commercial Satellite Services: Technical Specs

Case Study: UAVs

G2 Satellite Solutions has become a growing supplier of global satellite services in support of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) participating in critical military operations.

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